potato starch/ modified starch/ powder

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Product Characteristics:

White, odorless, tasteless powder. Hygroscopicity. Do not dissolve in cold water, ethanol and ether. Widely used in food, medicine, petrochemical, paper, textile, feed, fermentation, casting, building materials and other industrial fields, mainly used as food additives and accessories, widely used in industrial applications for emulsifiers, thickeners, water Agents, slips, extenders, excipients, disintegrants, coating agents, sizing agents, binders etc.



1. macromolecular particles, high degree of polymerization.
2. High viscosity, good viscoelasticity.
3. High degree of expansion, 5-10 times higher than other starch.
4. Good water absorption and water retention performance, 3-5 times higher than other starch.
5. good transparency and film-forming.
6. Low gelatinization temperature, energy saving, no damage to nutrients.
7. low protein, low fat, no effect of taste.
8. Contains natural phosphate groups, less gel and aging.
9. Pure physical process, do not add any additives.



25kg,10kg,5kg,400g, cool and dry place.



 Name of index  Specification
Color  White powder
Odor odorless
Taste tasteless
Impurities No foreign objects
Moisture 18.00-20.00
PH value 6.8-8.00
Conductivity <100
Whiteness >92.0(457nmBlu-ray reflectivity)
Degree of fineness >99.90(100Mesh sieve through rate)
Peak viscosity >1300(bu)
Spot <3.00
Protein <0.10(Dry matter content)
Ash <3.00
Sulfur dioxide <10ppm mg/kg
Total number of bacteria <5000 CUP/g
Mildew fungi and yeast <500 CUP/g
Coliform <30 MPN/100g
Arsenic(As) <0.30 
Lead(As) <0.50 

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