Refined/semi refined Kappa Carrageenan

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Brief Description OF Carrageenan


Type:Kappa Refined,Kappa Semi-refined,Iota refined, semi-iota refined Carrageenan Food Grade
Appearance:White powder
Shelf life:2 years


Carrageenan is best known for making carrageenan jelly powder. Carrageenan is a naturally-occurring family of polysaccharides extracted from red seaweed.It is used as a gelling, thickening, and stabilizing agent in a wide range of food and beverage applications. Carrageenan can be used as an extender and stabilizer in processed meat & poultry products.


Carrageenan Series we have

Iota Refined Carrageenan
Iota Semi-refined Carrageenan
Kappa Refined Carrageenan
Kappa Semi-refined Carrageenan

Specification Of Carrageenan Kappa Refined

Items Standards
Appearance White to slight yellow powder
Paticle Size Min 95% Pass 120 Mesh
Total Sulfate (%) 15- 40
Loss on drying (%) 12 Max
Viscosity (1.5%, 75°C, mPa.s ) 5 Min
Gel Strength (1.5% w/w, 0.2% KCl, 25°C, g/cm2) 500 Min
pH (1% solution) 8- 10
Lead 5 mg/kg Max
Arsenic 3 mg/kg Max
Mercury 1 mg/kg Max
Cadmium 1 mg/kg Max
Total Heavy Metals (as Pb) 10 mg/kg Max
Total Plate Count 5000 cfu/g Max
Yeasts & Moulds 300 cfu/g Max
Salmonella spp. Negative in 5 g
E. coli Negative in 10 g


Conclusion: The product conforms to the standard of E407a.

Packaging: 25 KG/BAG

Storage: Kept in dry, cool, and shaded place with original packaging, avoid moisture, store at room temperature.

Shelf life: 2 years


(Refined/semi refined carrageenan) Kappa Carrageenan K Carrageenan(Refined/semi refined carrageenan) Kappa Carrageenan K Carrageenan

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