Modified potato starch

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Product Description
White or light yellowish powder 
Loss on drying 
Fineness(100 mesh)
Spot( pcs/cm2 )
SO2 residual/ (mg/kg)
Total Arsenic/(mg/kg)

Note:The specifications are various from different model ,above is one of them for your reference only.


Property Overview

Native potato starch is one of theimportant natural polymer materials and it has been widely applied in food industry ,paper manufacturing industry ,textile industry ,and pharmaceutical industry due to its irreplaceable characteristics .However ,because of its Intrinsic property ,the native starch can not be  took full advantage in industry .And modified potato starch which was modified by physical ,chemical or other methods  emerged ,thereby broaden the application of native potato starch .


Modified potato starch is generally used as thickener , gel,emulsion stabilizer,ameliorant,water retaining agent,excipient,filler,leavening agent in food industry .

1Instant noodles :As the main raw material of instant noodles, modified potato starch contains phosphoric acid groups, and its protein and fat residue is very low,  so its color is white with natural phosphorescence, thus can effectively improve the color of the noodles. Due to its high viscosity, good elasticity and resistance to age ,can dramatically improve the water-based properties of the noodles; Improving the elasticity and toughness of the dough,  change the rheological properties of the dough and reduce the oil content of the dough.

2.Puffed food :under relatively low temperature and pressure,the modified potato starch can be gelatinized ,its intumescent ability is high ,thus the puffed food are crispier than others .Cross-linking modified starch makes the puffed food more compact.

3.Tuffe/milk candies :It is mainly used as filler in confectionery to participate in the form of glycoid structure.The candies made by modified starch has low sweetness, good chewing character and heat stability,good elasticity and smooth .As substitutes of saccharose and fat ,it can be applied to more and more low-sugar and low-fat candies .

4.It also can be used for dairy products ,sauce ,meat products ,fast frozen foods ,fodder......


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Packing & Delivery

Packing : Normally ,net weight 25 kg per plastic woven bag or we take customized as per your request .
Delivery :According to the contract .

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