Modified Corn Starch Food Grade

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Modified corn starch


Excellent lubricant and anti-sticking agent
Excellent abrasion resistant and can last for long time
Highly resistant to swelling in hot water, steam and chemicals.
It is specially processed corn starch intended for use as a lubricant for gloves and condoms.
Can be subjected to most sterilization procedures without any effect on the unique characteristics of the powder.

Chemical composition
Modified Corn Starch

Application process
Gloves coating
Latex products etc.

Technical data
- Moisture: 13% Max
- Starch content: 85% Min
- Whiteness: 90% Min
- Viscosity: 650 - 700BU Min
- Ash: 0.2% Max
- Fiber: 0.1% Max
- pH: 5 - 7
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