Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose ,hypromellose ,HPMC

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Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose ,hypromellose ,HPMC
Type name: MK200000S 
MK: Product type 
200000: Viscosity type 
S: Product dispersble in cold water
Product HPMC
Methoxyl content% 28.0-30.0 27.0-30.0 16.5-20.0 19.0-24.0
Hydoxy propoxy content% 7.5-12.0 4.0-7.5 23.0-32.0 4.0-12.0
Gelling temperature(Degrees Celsius) 58-64 62-68 70-75 70-90
Moisture content% ≤5.0
Ash% ≤1.0
PH Value 4-8
Appearance Whitte powder or granule
Fineness(mesh) 80,100,120
Viscosity(mPa.s) 200000


Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose (Mk200000s)
HPMC is a non-ionic cellulose ethers produced from matural high molecular cellulose through series of chemical changes, They are characterized by the solubility in water, water retention, non-ionic type, stable pH value, surface activity, reversibility from gelling to solving at different temperature, thickening, binding, film-forming, lubricating and mold resistance. Due to all these special properties, they are widely applied for thickening, gelling, emulsifying, dispersing, stabilizing, water retaining and mixing improving in industries like building material, painting, synthetic resin, porcelain, medicine, food, textile, agriculture, cosmetics and tobacco. 

1. The product can be utilized as water retaining agent and binder for plaster, plaster putty and binding filler. 
2. The product can work as water retaining agent and binder for ceramic tile binder, coment mortar and wall surfactant. 
3. Used in lacquer, the product is stable during storage and homogeneous in viscosity. Lacquer with this product can disperse evenly and meanwhile it will not be affected by pH value(suitalbe pH value range: 3-11). Its enzyme resistance can be different according to the degree of substitution. The enzyme resistance may be increased with increasing degree of substitution. Meanwhile, the viscosity will not reduce or change due to the intrusion of enzyme as other thickeners do. 

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