High Quality of Food Emulsifiers-Polyglyceryl fatty ester(PGFE)

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25kg/bag (wave bay with inner poly bag)
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Product  Description

Polyglycerol fatty acid ester is a new and highly efficient non ionic surfactant. It is made of natural esterification of glycerol and fatty acids at high temperature, in the process of metabolism, can be broken down into glycerol and fatty, and absorbed by the body, or out of the body, with a high degree of security. Its biggest characteristic is quite stable in alkaline, neutral and acidic environment, compared with similar products has better resistance to high temperature performance, the high salt content also has good emulsifying performance; Colorless, tasteless, odourless, not easy to hydrolysis, had no adverse effect on cosmetic appearance, odor, etc; Have good synergy, two or more than two kinds of polyglycerol fatty acid ester compound use will produce better results. Can be widely used in cosmetics, food, medicine and other fields. Poly (glyceride HLB value is wider than (water oil balance value), emulsifying ability, less dosage, is a kind of high performance surfactant edible.


Product  Application

1.Highly efficient and thermally stable lubricant and mould release agent with engineering plastics such as PC, PPS, PPO, NYLON( polyamide ), PETS, ABS, HIPS etc

2. Anti fog agent in PE, PP and PU

3. Lubricant in rubber

4. Softer and anti stat in textiles

5. Oil improver and surface improver in leather

6. As an ingredient in high efficiency lubricating oils for metal cutting and rolling


Product  Specification




Test result

Appearance (20°C)

Light yellow waxy solid

Light yellow solid powder

Melting Point/°C



Acid Value (mg KOH/g) less than



Iodine Value (g/100g) less than



Saponification Value (mg KOH/g)



Sulphated Ash /% less than



Pb /% less than


< 0.001

As/% less than


< 0.0003


 china supplier polyglyceryl fatty acid ester



(1)Good emulsifying, dispersing, stabilizing Properties;

In the china supplier processing oil-water separation often occurs, in order to improve product quality and prolong shelf life. Emulsifier is usually added during the procession, it will stabilize the mixed phase, and form a uniform emulsion. So that to avoid and prevent oil-water separation, stratification, precipitation happen in china supplier and beverage,

(2)Starch anti-aging effects;

DMG can form complexes with protein and starch, and can form insoluble complexes with amylose starch to prevent the recrystallization after cooling to prevent the aging of starch retrogradation, making bread, cake, potato products and other starch-rich china suppliers remain fresh and soft for a long time.

(3)To improve the fats crystallization;

Molecular distilled monoglycerides can orient in the surface of greese, control and stabilize greese crystallizing, especially in margarine, shortening and other oils and fats products, . It can also improve the plasticity and ductility to prevent the condensate layer and so on.


Shipping:Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids (PGFE)  is allow shipping by Air or by Sea.

High Quality of Food Emulsifiers-Polyglyceryl fatty ester(PGFE) price


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